Strangling Ear Trumpet




This installation was developed for Platform3 (Space for Contemporary Art) in Munich in March 2010.

The Strangling Ear Trumpet belongs to the genus Convulvulaceae and represents a new type of communicative plant. The extraordinary suffocating vine is able to overcome all obstacles that clouded or impeded talk with the resident artists in their studios. The flowers, which look like ear trumpets, divulged acoustically the truth behind the work of the studio artists.


The information was based on interviews, which had been processed into audio clips and were an immediate and emotional record of what motivates and moves the artists and the identification of the artist with their work.


The scent of the plants emanating from their many calyxes or information sources allows us a far deeper understanding of the artists’ work.



Contributors: Jovanna Banjac, Rita De Muynck, Nana Dix, Susanne Hesping, Monika Humm, Jessica Kallage-Götze, Masayo Oda, James Sutherland, Stefanie Unruh, Silvia Wienefoet and Anne Wodtke
Electroacoustics: Franz Raps
Technical: Heinrich Lauer
Idea & conception, installation, audio clips: Rita De Muynck