Il y a Trois Jours


Il y a Trois Jours (three days ago) is a phrase in Africa and can be meant both three days and a long period of time in the past. This relativizes time, which basically as a constant does not exist. "In this respect, a poeticization of the concept of time in contrast to the usual precision delusion of time measurement by atomic clocks."


In the exhibition UNTER DIE HAUT _ RITA DE MUYNCK AND THE ARCHAIC was among other things a wall installation shown that transported the quintessence of the whole exhibition. 

The special feature of the exhibition was that both 7000 year old idols and African masks and objects were placed in communication with the work of RDM. Alltogether in the context of meaning with a thought of Giordano Bruno, which he published in 1584 and therefore was burned.


"What this great philosopher says of the interaction and indwelling of all parts of the infinite universe and what he died for at the stake is not only the still valid credo today of physics and biology, but opens the view to the macro- and microcosm of multiverse , as we experience in progressive insights of Quantum physics with its x – dimensions; but are long ago captured and expressed in the representations and thoughts of 7000 years of cultural history ."

(Italics : Extracts of the opening speech of Dr. Elmar Zorn)