La Gourmandise_After the Play


The interdisciplinary project at the invitation of Natacha Kantor and her group Banal-Molotov, took place at the dance theatre “La Gourmandise – Variation 3" (Greed – The Gluttony) in the Theâtre La Guillotine, Montreuil, Paris, September 2001.


The dancers performed in an old factory in front of a windowed wall 7.80 metres long and 1.30 metres high. During the performance, Rita De Muynck painted verre églomisé painting on the windows, interactively in response to the happenings on the stage,thus creating a “living backdrop”.


Contracted by the City Gallery of Engen, the artist later designed a back-lit box with a transparency, which represented the verre églomisé painting. This work no longer exists. The photo in the box is the only remaining witness. There is an auditory device also built into the box. It plays subdued accordion sounds, which are triggered by a motion sensor.


The picture itself resembles colourful church windows and evokes an almost religious atmosphere.